Driver Training Brake

Our driver training brake can be shipped anywhere in the USA and can be installed by the mechanic of your choice. They are simple to install and come with a complete instruction manual with step by step instructions and illistrations. If your install needs further assistance, we are always available to help via telephone.

This is a driver training brake system that allows for a brake pedal on the passenger side of the vehicle. The product meets or exceeds all local, state and federal guidelines. This is a cost effective solution that is reliable and safe. Cable operated for simple operation.

Driver Training Brake Uses

  • Driver Training Facilities
  • Driver Education Teachers
  • Moms and Dads who have kids learning to drive
  • Driver Evaluators
  • Schools
  • Anyone else who wants to stop the vehicle from the passenger seat!

One Size Fits All Vehicles

Our Driver training brake is designed to work on almost any vehicle and can be installed locally by the technician of your choice.

We Ship Nation Wide

Give us a call to place your order for a driver training brake today.  We ship fast and have many in-stock and ready to go.

Easy to use right hand brake pedal

The Twin Stop instructor brake utilizes a pivot point immediately to the end of the unit, resulting in a long pivot to pedal length. The result is the pedal traveling in an easy to use arch. The simpler design of our system means user-friendly operation for your driving instructors.

Ordering A Driver Training Brake

We offer complete package for your convenience.  You simply order a kit and either install the brake yourself or have a local automotive shop install the brake for you.  Everthing needed to install is included in your shipment. Our Kits are easy to install and rely on a cable to operate. They can be installed in a matter of a couple hours. To order a driver training brake give us a call and we will ship it directly to you. 1-800-521-8930

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