About Us

Gresham Driving Aids has been providing mobility solutions and new & used wheelchair vans for over 50 years!

In 1958 our founder, Lee Gresham, suffered an unfortunate accident which left him a paraplegic. The life-altering adjustments and seemingly insurmountable obstacles that he endured, determined him to develop a company to provide adaptive equipment & wheelchair accessible vans and vehicles. His dream was to instill assurance in the physically challenged that they could live a mobile and fulfilling life despite their physical disability. He selectively employed a group of caring individuals, who were well-versed on the importance of modifying vehicles, businesses and homes to be handicap accessible and meet the needs of the physically impaired.

Since its founding in 1958 Gresham Driving Aids has grown to encompass more than 50,000 square feet of service area in three convenient Michigan locations; Wixom, Kalamazoo and Saginaw. The company's main focus remains on the founder's dream... a mobile and fulfilling life for the physically challenged. We look forward to assisting you with your dream because our challenge at Gresham Driving Aids is your mobility.  Experience the Gresham difference!  Contact us today at 1-800-521-8930.